Diary planner


Diary 2020


a diary for 2020

At the start of 2019, I had just completed the design and layout for the 2020 diary. It was a painstaking job, because I had to get around using a new computer programme first.

Although I'm aware that an artist is never 100% satisfied with their own work, I am quite happy with the result.


110 different paintings

The pictures of the paintings are carefully chosen from a wide range of photos made during my artistic career. I have tried to show a variety of coastal subjects using different mediums and styles I have adopted throughout the years.

52 weeks over 2 pages each

Two facing pages display one week, seven days to write notes and appointments, and some room for extra notes. It may become clear that I love the coast and the sea, subjects I will never be tired  Please scroll down and take a look at the pages.


One of the reasons I have compiled this diary, is because I wanted to share my work with other people. I hope they will enjoy looking at it, being inspired by it. I'm happy to answer any questions  about my work.

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